-may seem so simple to make for the ignorant observer. You are totaly free to make whatever you want, splash around with colors, doesn’t has to resemble anything….

Think about it, and problems start right there for most of us! A white, shiny new canvas, and you have no clue what so ever what to make or where to start…and then you are afraid of ruin the new canvas with something unworthy! Every idea is rejected as stupid or banal, your mind is desperate to find a figurative form to start with, and when you find it you hold on to it for dear life! -and it will not turn into an abstract painting because your mind will not let go. I held a few  art courses for beginners some time ago, and these thoughts were all so common 🙂

My simple advice is not to take your artwork too serious, relax and have fun with it! and if you are not pleased, scrape it off, or let it dry and paint over it, it’s just canvas for God’s sake! That’s something else newbeginners usaly don’t think about, they will cover their canvas with ONE layer of paint, and  think their finished…..no, no, no… The more layers you have, the more areas of your canvas you scrape, work and repaint, the more depth, colors and contrasts you will create! and that’s one of the interessting parts of creating art, to make the observer stop and look and find new details every time.

If you want to have a more tangible advice about how to start a pice of art, I will recommend a task I got in artschool many years ago. Read a poem, a lyric or a short story for that matter, and try to depict the ambience in any shape , form or colors that you feel is right for you.

So now, if you feel inspired, throw yourself into it and get creative!

This is one of my favortite abstract paintings in large size, 98×98 cm/ 38,5″

Not available

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