These five paintings are made with a simple printing technique. It was a new way of working for me, I’ve always made originals and printing has not been an option for me. Nevertheless these are still originals even though the white outline is the same on all five of them, the background colors are individually made. The trick was simply to cut out the outlines in a piece of oilcloth and place it over the painted background and stamp the lines with a brush. I think these have a retro feeling to them, reminds me of handcolorated photos, for those of you who have seen such ones…

I also have to appologize for the state my blog is in. I have made a HUGE mistake, because of my lack of understanding and interest in computers, I have done the unfortunate mistake to delete all my images on my entire blog! Yes, all of them…I have tried to restore some of the latest posts, but didnt manage to get it back to its original form, so I will probably just  continue on, and maybe just repost some paintings now and then, I’m very sorry!

5 comments on “GEIRANGER”

  1. I love these prints. I hope you don’t mind if I try your idea myself? And I am so sorry about losing the past of your blog. But I second the idea of it being a pleasure to revisit anything you re-post.

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment:-) the support guy from wordpress told me that the blog theme I’m using is retierd/ no longer in use, but they will try to find a fix so that I can get the blog back to it’s original form, I’m still hoping, otherwise I might have to make something new….
      And of course, feel free to use my idea! I’m happy if you find it useful 🙂

      • I have printed in black ink on multicolored backgrounds using a linoleum block that I carved, and I loved the results. This process reminded me of it, sounds even easier to set up. And I hope your blog gets restored and all is well.

  2. Now you will have to repost everything bit by bit and we are going to have the great joy to see everything again 🙂

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