For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you might remember my approach into the world of architecture. This has been an interesting as well as an inspirational theme to work with. Actually I think its the most rewarding theme I’ve ever worked with! -and as a result of that my blog has been severely neglected I am afraid 😦      I have somehow felt that I had not found what I was looking for in my art, you know the secure feeling of being home, the feeling of knowing that this is what I want to keep doing. So now I’m creating new paintings with the same theme, and they all turn out so differently. It’s almost like building with Lego again he-he!

I have always kept nature as a part of my art and soul, as I grew up surrounded with spectacular scenery here in Geiranger, Norway. But the city is close to my heart as well, those tall buildings are always fascinating with their grand designs and secret contents. As I’ve mentioned before they have a lot in common, the mountains, the buildings and the cities themselves. All protective, adventures, exciting, beautiful, even scary and big and always changing with  light,weather,season,colors, location…..even company!

So I have played around with this, used the buildings as sculptures, kind of land art.  Some of them I have put into remote places where they do not belong. On the other hand,  If you see the elements for what they are, as buildings not sculptures, you might also start questioning why they are there..what is going on?

The colors are always my first decision, they kind of set the mood and the rest will follow…

As before I like to paint small format in series, these are 6″x6″ or 15×15 cm. By the time a series has been done, a name of a place or a city has popped into my mind. It might not be a place I have ever been to, or any further comparison at all for that matter, but still my expression or my sense of the place has transformed onto the canvas. I have named these paintings for Lofoten, a group of beautiful small islands, sparsely populated, south of Tromsø, northern Norway.

Hope you will enjoy 🙂    -and more will follow soon, I promise!

If you have any questions, or would like to purchase a piece of my art, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail or leave a comment below, Thank You.





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