A Treasure from the old barn

Old barns and other kinds of storage places, are for me as for many of my like minded,  always a great source of creativity. I have previously made som paintings on old windows, and when I visited an artmuseum some days ago, I saw a painting which had a frame resembling an old window, and I come to think of  theese works and wanted to try it again. Here is the result, one of two  abstract paintings, the second one is still not ready yet. To me this painting materialized a woman figure, I am not a religious person, but the images from my childhood storys and of course paintings from arthistory came to mind and left me in a bit of a sacral mood, thinking of Maria and her babyboy with palmleaves…

2 comments on “A Treasure from the old barn”

  1. It’s gentle and beautiful. And the barn wood looks well with the painting and it goes so well thematically, too.

    • Thank you so much Claudia! I am fairly pleased with this work myself, when I looked at it again now, I could also see a mans figure whitin the contoure of the woman. Maybe it’s Joseph slightly recumbent hanging around?
      Now I am removing all possibility for my viewers imagination, but my view is always a recurrent question anyway, so now you got it 🙂

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